Slowly but surely the site is coming together. In the next few days and weeks lead sheets will be added, content will be uploaded and the whole thing will generally get going. The site won’t be launching all at once, instead we’ll steadily keep adding content. In that respect, it’ll be very much like the perfect tense of Greek verbs.

In my first semester of Biblical Greek, Dr. Mawhinney described the perfect tense as the “present result of a past action”. For example, in [bible]1 John 1[/bible], where the Apostle John writes: [bibleblock]1 John 1:1[/bibleblock] Dr. Mawhinney said that it could be translated as “which we have heard (and our ears are still ringing), which we have seen (and still see with our mind’s eye)” to reflect the perfect tense.

I’ve always wanted to use that idea in a lyric but have never figured out a way to make the rest of the lyrics sound as good as what Dr. Mawhinney gave me.

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