Monthly Archives: May 2006

Bach and an Aesthetics Project

For one of my seminary courses, we were required to spend some time doing something to “nourish our artistic side”. I chose to spend time with Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Each student must present for 2 minutes on what they did for their project, as well as provide a list of resources for their classmates to study further. Because the printer at RTS is spotty (and that’s a kind word of description), I’ve provided the list here on the website.

Libretti, background information and lists of recordings:

Books for further information:
Pelikan, Bach Among the Theologians
Stapert, My Only Comfort: Death, Deliverance and Discipleship in the Music of Bach
(Stapert, a professor at Calvin College uses the Heidelberg Catechism and illustrates principles with the music of Bach.)

The Harmonia Mundi label produces excellent (though expensive) recordings. Their recording of the St. Matthew Passion conducted by Philippe Herreweghe includes a CD-ROM with background information, a full libretto and descriptions of each of the chorale tunes used in the piece.