Often, it’s hard to trace back how I’ve made my way through the internet to a specific blog post. Unlike Hansel and Gretel, I’m not prone to leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind me. (Okay, so that was a really bad metaphor. Fill in the previous sentence with one that makes more sense to the predicament of me not caring how I get places on the internet.) Tonight, I ran across a challenging post by Paul Lamey called The Problem of Scripture-less Worship.

Lamey writes about something that all of us who plan worship services should know instinctively, the primacy of the Word of God. Here is a brief quotation, I recommend reading the entire article.

Brothers, read the Scripture to and for your people so that they might hear God’s voice and be changed. The means of evangelism and the continued sanctification of God’s people is the reading and proclamation of His Word. The Church has the distinct privilege to be the pillar and support of what God says and ministers have the unique opportunity to insure that a steady diet of Truth is administered into the ears of the congregation. The only time some will hear the Psalms read (or sung) will be on Sunday mornings. The only time some will ever dive into the dark continent of the “older testament” will be when they hear it read or preached by a Christian minister. The only time many will hear The Gospel (outside of a tract) will be when it is read from one of the four Evangelists.
Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. Cut short the announcements or bump Sister Susie’s solo but heed the words of J. R. Miller who wrote that “The reading of the word of God ought to be an event.”

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