Here is the text of the newest song I’ve written, a setting of Isaac Watts’ hymn “Arise, my soul, my joyful powers.”

Arise, my soul, my joyful powers,
And triumph in my God;
Awake, my voice, and loud proclaim
His glorious grace abroad.

He raised me from the deeps of sin,
The gates of gaping hell,
And fixed my standing more secure
Than it was before I fell.

      Arise, my soul; awake, my voice,
      And songs of triumph sing;
      Loud hallelujahs shall address
      My Savior and My King.

The arms of everlasting love
Beneath my soul he placed;
And on the Rock of ages set
My slippery footsteps fast.

I’ve edited one line. In the verse that I’ve used as a chorus, the original second line read “And tunes of pleasure sing”. I thought that “songs of triumph” was both more appropriate and was less liable to be misunderstood in our context today.

Hopefully, I will be able to post a lead sheet soon.

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