Remember in high school when you would be approached by a girl and presented with this scenario:

So, I ended up going over to Tommy’s house last night and hanging out with him. Yes, I know he’s got a girlfriend. Anyway, we watched a movie and toward the end, he leaned over and he kissed me! It was so sweet! Yes, I know he’s got a girlfriend. Do you think it means anything? Do you think he’ll break up with her and go out with me? We would be perfect together! I’m going to go back over there tomorrow night. Which dress do you think he’d find the cutest? I look really hot in the blue one. Alright! I know already, he’s got a girlfriend. What do you mean he’ll cheat on me too? It’s totally different. If you knew her, you’d know why he wants to be with me. It is totally different. Totally.

That’s most church marketing.

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that we’re going for the same pool of consumer Christians who want to be impressed by the hippest, newest thing in the religious world. Non-christians and people who have been burned by the church want nothing to do with hype-driven Christianity – and for good reason.

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