Today marks our one-year anniversary. In honor of that wonderful day, and in honor of my wife, here is a hymn by Henry Baker especially appropriate for weddings.

How welcome was the call,
And sweet the festal lay,
When Jesus deigned in Cana’s hall
To bless the marriage day!

And happy was the bride,
And glad the bridegroom’s heart,
For He Who tarried at their side
Bade grief and ill depart.

His gracious power divine
The water vessels knew;
And plenteous was the mystic wine
The wondering servants drew.

O Lord of life and love,
Come Thou again today;
And bring a blessing from above
That ne’er shall pass away.

O bless, as erst of old,
The bridegroom and the bride;
Bless with the holier stream that flowed
Forth from Thy piercèd side.

Before Thine altar throne
This mercy we implore;
As Thou dost knit them, Lord, in one,
So bless them evermore.
-Henry Baker

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