David Fitch of Reclaiming the Mission has begun a new series of posts called “When They Will Not Come”. Here is a quote that resonates with what I’ve been trying to express about hype and takes it in a different direction, namely discipleship.

I believe a host of problems in American evangelicalism originate in our disregard for community. Indeed, our hyped up attractional approach to church has put the individual first in such a way that community becomes an afterthought which creates problems for discipleship, catechesis of our children, as well as evangelism. We seek to draw the individual in, sell him/her a message, and then provide communities. Community by definition becomes commodified. Instead of an individual being grafted into the Body of Christ as the very foundation of his/her salvation, this individual becomes a consumer of what kind of community best suits the kind of Christianity he or she can fit into her life. The ramifications for discipleship are disastrous.

Read the entire post if you get a chance.

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