Monthly Archives: September 2008

The defining sound

John Piper comments on Michael Raiter’s article The Slow Death of Congregational Singing:

Thirteen years ago we asked: What should be the defining sound of corporate worship at Bethlehem, besides the voice of biblical preaching?

We meant: Should it be pipe organ, piano, guitar, drums, choir, worship team, orchestra, etc. The answer we gave was “The people of Bethlehem singing.”

Any music director or church musician or sound engineer or liturgical music composer or worship leader (or combination of the above) who gives a different answer should find a new role. Quickly.

It has nothing to do with what instruments are used or how old (or new) the songs are but has everything to do with understanding what the corporate part of “corporate worship” means. It doesn’t mean even that we’ll always be successful in making the congregation the primary voice of worship but it must be our goal.

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