Genesis 3:14-15

“[H]e shall bruise your head,
and you shall bruise his heel.”


A lot of people face Christmas fatigue each year. The Christmas sales begin some time around Labor Day, ornaments decorate Highland Village by the time of the World Series, and stop-motion animation commercials begin immediately after Election Day. By December 25, many of us experience our highest levels of stress for the year. What should be a joyous time can quickly turn oppressive with the thoughts of unmet expectations and unfulfilled hopes.

And yet, Advent is a season to reflect on exceeded expectations and completely fulfilled hopes! Advent is a remedy to our culture’s incessant drive towards the trappings of the “holiday season”. It allows us to prepare our hearts to celebrate God coming through on his promise to destroy the serpent and deliver his people.

In the midst of a very dark passage, the story of the Fall, God gives us hope. This hope shines throughout the scriptures. God promises to save his people – whether that hope is a glimmer (as in Genesis 3:15) or a blinding sun (as in Revelation 21).

We await the coming of Christmas, yes, but we also await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ as our victorious Savior-King. Our Advent prayers and our Christmas celebrations are incomplete if we don’t look toward Jesus coming again in glory.

This post is part of an Advent Devotional at Christ the King – Houston.

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