This winter, I’ll be teaching an Introduction to Christian Worship course at Christ the King.  Below is my tentative course outline.  I’m open for revisions, additions and/or subtractions.  I’d appreciate any thoughts that anyone has.

(I’m especially looking for a better course title than “Intro to Christian Worship.”)

February 16
What is Worship?
Foundations for Christian Worship
Individual vs. Corporate Worship

February 23
Common Conceptions for Worship (Classroom, Temple, Variety Show, etc.)
Paradigm for Christian Worship (Hebrews 12)

March 2
No Class
Home Assignment – Read a paper by Richard Pratt on the Regulative Principle

Online Lesson

Worship the Way that God Wants (Regulative Principle explained and applied)
Elements of Worship

March 9
Spirit-Filled Worship (John 4)
The Role of Holy Spirit – the Worship Leader

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  1. Eric Priest says:

    I think I’ve settled on “Worship: Spirit, Truth, Heart and Voice”.

  2. Sounds great. You MUST record this. What service?

  3. Eric Priest says:

    Monday nights. (Probably.)

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