I found Samuel Medley’s hymn “O what amazing words of grace” in the Gadsby Hymnal (#987). Here is a new arrangement of that hymn, along with a refrain that I’ve written. My goal was to write something in the vein of Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN. It’s probably the most conventional sounding arrangement that I’ve written.

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O what amazing words of grace
Are in the gospel found!
Suited to every sinner’s case
Who knows the joyful sound.

Poor, sinful, thirsty, fainting souls
Are freely welcome here;
Salvation like a river rolls,
Abundant, free, and clear.

Amazing words! Amazing grace!
That Jesus lived and died in my place.
Amazing peace! Amazing love!
He rose again and reigns in heaven above.

Come, then, with all your wants and wounds,
Your every burden bring;
Here love, eternal love, abounds,
A deep celestial spring.

This spring with living water flows,
And living joy imparts;
Come, thirsty souls, your wants disclose,
And drink with thankful hearts.

To sinners poor, like me and you,
He says he’ll freely give,
Come, thirsty souls, and prove it true,
Drink, and for ever live.

To him, who gives our souls to feel
The drawings of his love,
Be constant praise, while here we dwell,
And nobler songs above.

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  1. Yes, this does sound quite like Christ Community. Throw in a drum set and you’d get a decent faux-Beatles vibe on the verses. I do quite like your refrain text.

    I remember stumbling on this text a few years ago and writing an upbeat thing. I’ll have to see if I can dig that up sometime.

    I dig the At the Name of Jesus setting. Muy bien.

    Hope you, Charlie, and JoAnne are doing well.

  2. Eric Priest says:

    That’s funny. I’ve been playing around with the mellotron samples in Reason and it definitely sounds very Beatles.

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