Last week, I attended the Where Are the Psalms? Conference held at Erskine College and Seminary in Due West, SC. The full title of the conference was:

Where Are the Psalms?
The State of Congregational Psalm Singing after Fifty Years of Worship Renewal”

David and LyreThe conference was sponsored by Erskine College and Seminary along with a grant from a family who designated an endowment for the encouragement of Psalm singing.

The schedule was as such:


  • Robert Glick: Orientation to the Issue
  • John Witvliet: Prospects for Psalm Singing in an Era of Liturgical Change
  • Terry Johnson: The History of Psalm Singing in the Christian Church
  • Mark Ross: What Place Should Psalm Singing have in Christian Worship Today?
  • Hal Hopson and the Erskine College School of Music: A Festival of Congregational Psalms


  • Robby Bell: Lament for a Wounded Faith
  • Panel Discussion: What Should We Do Now?

Rather than simply discussions lamenting a golden age of psalm singing, these sessions were focused on the value of the psalms for our congregations and how we are all the poorer for leaving them behind in our evolution of corporate song.

Over the next several days, I will be posting some of my notes. It was time very well spent.

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