The second main session at the Where Are the Psalms? Conference was presented by Terry Johnson, pastor of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia. Rather than post all of my notes, I will include a few comments and link to Terry Johnson’s lecture which has been posted on his church’s website.

  • We don’t have simply one model prayer in the Bible (Matthew 6), we have 151 model prayers!
  • The Patristic (early) church heartily embraced psalms, though they were skeptical of hymns (due to the prevalence of heretical hymns – i.e. Arius, etc.).
  • The Reformation was fundamentally a revolution of worship.
  • Even the Anglicans sang only psalms for 300 years. They didn’t begin singing hymns until Hymns Ancient and Modern was published in the mid 1800′s.
  • Psalms are holistic in ways that hymns are not – i.e., themes of lament, conflict, warfare, struggle.
  • Happy songs can’t scratch the itch of someone who is “in the depths”.
  • Use the children to introduce psalm singing to the church.

For more, read The History of Psalm Singing in the Christian Church.

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  1. Eric,

    Just found your website via a search for an article from Terry Johnson. I “accidentally” landed on your site (because this isn’t the article I was looking for), but I love anything to do with the Psalms. Glad I found your stuff.

    By the way, I went to RTS-Orlando too!

    James Grant

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