Here is an arrangement that I’ve been working on today:

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It still needs a little work, especially in the realm of dynamics, etc., but I’m happy with a lot of it. (It’s also in F Major which is much more singable than the G Major arrangement found in most hymnals.)

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  1. The Leslie at the beginning ramps up unnaturally fast.

  2. Tim Sharpe says:

    Wow. I like it. You’re showing more rock these days. Kudos. It makes me think of what the better Hillsong stuff might sound like if they knew music theory a little better.

    (I actually mean that as a compliment — and since you’ve been using “Sing to the Lord”, I’ll assume you get that).

  3. Eric Priest says:


    You’re right – that’s one of the dangers of having to use a mod wheel to turn the Leslie on and off. It’s a little more natural in my more recent revisions.


    I absolutely know where you’re coming from. Although I can’t believe that you listen to worship music and think about music theory!

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