This post continues the wonderful lecture by Robby Bell called Lament for a Wounded Faith.

  • 2 Areas where our theology needs refinement:
    1. Theology of worship and the church
      • Why is our worship so antiseptic?
      • Is the purpose of worship to forget our problems and sing happy songs?
      • Lamenting is about honesty in our worship.
      • We treat the Psalms of Lament as substandard parts of scripture.
    2. Theology of God’s response to our suffering
      • Stoic patience and acceptance is not the theme of the Bible.
      • Tension between now and then is removed in favor of the “then”.
      • Even in suffering, we continue to address our thoughts and fears to God as Job did.
  • We cannot expect people’s understanding of God to reach higher than their hymnbooks. – Jenkins
  • Lament can serve to disrupt and expose the idols in our heart.
  • Ultimate goal of lamenting before God is not miraculous intervention but intimacy with God. – Lane
  • God invites us to bring our wounds to him, to continue the dialogue with him.
  • Cast your cares upon the Lord, and he will sustain you.
  • Lament transforms us.
  • Lament, rightly engaged, always leads us to the cross.
  • Lament must intersect with the cross of Christ and his vicarious suffering.
  • The cross always leads us to Jesus, the perfector of our faith.
  • We lose something by not acknowledging the presence of what is there.
  • Acknowledging where we are doesn’t mean we stay there.
  • Too often, engaging the process scares us off.
  • Our prayers should be honest.

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