On page 151 of The Divine Commodity, Skye Jethani writes:

Hospitality was never about changing oneself to fit the desires and expectations of the guest, but rather about loving and honoring the guest by welcoming her into the reality of one’s life and community with open arms. But this view has been radically changed in our consumer culture. Today, the goal of hospitality has become making the best possible impression upon a guest even if that impression is a false one. We do not wish for guests to see us as we really are, but as we wish we were. The goal is to keep their attention fixed on the commodified goods and experiences that form he fa├žades of our lives.

In my congregation, I have recently been put in charge of organizing and directing our community groups. Over the summer, one of my goals is to think through this idea of biblical hospitality in light of how we open our homes to one another, especially those whom we might not initially commune with, for whatever reason.

Chapter 8, “Around the Table” is a great primer on hospitality – one that I will be quoting from when I instruct our leaders in how to be hospitable. Hospitality is a welcome weapon against the consumer christianity of our time.

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