Skye Jethani asks whether we are that different from the Crusaders in his new book, The Divine Commodity:

When Christians with a consumer consciousness try to wrap their imaginations around such a large undertaking [as the Great Commission], they will automatically think about products or corporations that have impacted the world and emulate the same methodologies. So we ask, how does Coca-Cola impact the world? How does Disney impact the world? How does Starbucks impact the world? And we forget to ask the only question that really matters: How does Jesus impact the world?

We have incorrectly made the scale of our methods conform to the scale of our mission. We have assumed that the magnitude of the ends should be proportional to the magnitude of the means. And in the process we’ve revealed how captivated our imaginations really are to consumerism. Gregory Boyd points out the error: “We are to transform the world. That’s the call. But the way you do it from a kingdom perspective is very different from the way you do it from the world’s perspective.”

We may not use the sword to advance the church’s mission anymore, but the sword is no longer the conventional instrument of power and influence. Today the church emulates the methods of corporations and business, and most of us never pause and ask whether such tactics are consistent with the ways of Christ. Like the Crusaders, we seem content to leave such judgments for future generations whose vision will be sharpened by history.

Skye Jethani, The Divine Commodity, page 169.

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  1. Robert says:

    This sounds a lot like Franky Shaeffers book “Sham Pearls for Real Swine” (1980).

    I think the problem is very old (or at least the consequence of old ideas). The tendency is to look at the church and conclude that it is being transformed by secular culture. But the more I think about it, its actually the secular culture that’s reflective of the church.

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