The second worship service, held on Wednesday, June 17, was called “A Renewed Church”. Music was led by musicians from Christ Kingdom Church, University Presbyterian, Willow Creek Presbyterian and Laura Story Elvington, a guest artist from Perimeter Church in suburban Atlanta.

We sang the following hymns/songs:

  • Awesome is the Lord Most High
    • Words and Music: Cary Pierce, Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Jon Abel
  • Your Grace Is Enough
    • Words and Music: Matt Maher
  • Indescribable
    • Words and Music: Laura Story
  • I Will Lift My Eyes
    • Words and Music: Bebo Norman, Jason Ingram
  • Grace
    • Words and Music: Laura Story
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
    • Words: John Newton, Music: AMAZING GRACE, Chorus: Chris Tomlin, et al
  • Mighty to Save
    • Words and Music: Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan

Matt Brown gave a testimony about the church planting work in Brooklyn. (He also “proved” why Brooklyn is God’s favorite borough of NYC and why the Bronx is his least favorite.)

Greg Thompson delivered an excellent, convicting sermon called “To Become Ourselves” based upon the Jerusalem Council meeting in Acts 15.1-35. The sermon is worth listening to; it’s been posted on the podcast of Trinity Presbyterian – Charlottesville, Virginia. A large portion of the sermon was an honest discussion on how hard it is for Christians to talk to one another. Most helpful quote: “Sometimes, ‘vision‘ is nothing more than a euphemism for ambition, unhinged from the inconveniences of love.”

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  1. FYI, Greg’s sermon is up on Trinity C’ville’s website ( for free. Greg’s one of my favorite preachers. He has a wonderfully literary way of putting together words, as seen in the above quote.

    I found this night to be the most awkward musically. Mainly it seemed like the sound guy didn’t know who had lead during most of the singing, so the melody wasn’t clear. Also, I’m rather sure Laura just led the traditional “Amazing Grace” minus the Tomlin addendum.

    This night also seemed the most interesting and possibly controversial, although I’ve seen little discussion online about it. Although it didn’t hit my scruples at all, I could see how some of the attendees would take exception to Mrs. Elvington leading in prayer. Maybe none of them hung around for the service that night in the first place?

  2. oops – missed the fact that you’d already linked to Greg’s sermon…

  3. Eric Priest says:

    I think you’re right that they skipped the Tomlin version of Amazing Grace (which was just fine with me, I don’t particularly care for it). I copied the song list from the worship guide and didn’t remember if they had or not.

    The sound mixing was awkward during the whole GA, especially on Wednesday night. Her microphone was so hot that it was hard to hear anything else.

    You’re right about guys who might be upset by this type of worship service not coming in the first place.

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