Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted several reviews of the worship services at General Assembly. I appreciate the comments and discussion that those posts have inspired. A few closing thoughts today:

  1. As I’ve stated in a couple of venues, I think the variety that the Central Florida Presbytery brought to the worship services was a great thing. A denomination that embraces many different styles of praise to the Lord is a good thing.
  2. Sound engineering was an issue, especially Wednesday evening. The guest artist was turned up so loud that it obscured the congregation’s singing. That’s never okay.
  3. With the variety of music being written and produced in PCA circles today (Red Mountain Church, Indelible Grace, Park Slope – Brooklyn), it was a shame that the only real exposure we had to any PCA music was from Laura Story. Please don’t hear this as a criticism of her, she did a fine job, but she’s easily the most accessible, CCM artist that could have been featured, when we need to find a way to feature more of our own artists whose music might not be as readily accessible in mainstream evangelicalism.
  4. Likewise, aside from songs by Laura Story and one by Josh Bales, there were no songs written by PCA members. We had several Sovereign Grace songs, several hymns, several Tomlin songs, but nothing RUF, nothing Red Mountain, etc. I’d love to see more churches working those songs in and General Assembly working those songs in as well.
  5. Of course, it’s entirely possible that none of those songs fit the themes for the evenings. The services were well-designed around the themes related to a New Creation.
  6. All in all, my first trip to General Assembly was a very positive one. I’m looking forward to future assemblies.
  7. Finally, the next time it comes time for someone to yell out a hymn for us to sing during a break during Assembly sessions, please, please don’t yell out “How Great Thou Art” with its misleading 4th verse. Yell out “263!” (For All the Saints) or something good like it instead.

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  1. 4 – It doesn’t quite count, but Karl D used to be in the PCA, and appears on the Red Mountain CDs.

    6 – I highly agree. Probably the best part was getting to catch up with guys like you that I haven’t seen in far too long.

    7 – It could be worse. Someone could have been calling out something awful like 579. Seriously, who put that in there and left out “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee”?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the NT Wright class as well. His article on the recent TEC resolution is great stuff.

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