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Album Tab added

I’ve added the “Album” tab above for information about the Psalms and Hymns: From First to Last album.
You can find out where to purchase the album online as well as listen to sample tracks.

Metrical Index Updated – Now Includes Red Mountain Music

I’ve updated the Metrical Index to include tunes from Red Mountain Music from Red Mountain Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Along with the Indelible Grace tunes, I believe that this Metrical Index is the most complete of any online for cataloging newly composed hymn tunes.

I’ll be updating the list further and providing links and music to tunes that I’ve written.

Fresh Content Coming

It’s pretty depressing when most of the recent posts are in the category “Site Information”.  That won’t be the case for long.  After a lengthy sabbatical that has included graduating from seminary, moving, starting a job, getting married, undergoing ordination exams, purchasing a house and getting ordained, I am working on the site once again.  If there are any readers left, thanks for your patience.

Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely I’ll be finding time to re-upload all of the info that was on the previous website including chord charts, lead sheets, etc.

For an album preview, click here.

To purchase the album online, click here.

To purchase the album via iTunes (yep, we’re on iTunes now), click here.

Now Available in Central Florida

Just a note to anyone who may be in Central Florida, Psalms and Hymns: From First to Last is now in stock at the Reformed Theological Seminary bookstore in Oviedo. The address is 1231 Reformation Drive, Oviedo, FL 32765. Be sure to also sample the baked goods and classical music while you are in the bookstore.

Site Update in Progress

We’ve moved to a different server and have been down for a few days. Thankfully, a few good import/export plugins have made the transition to the new server much easier than I feared. I’ve got the notebook back up and running and I will have the entire site back up in a few weeks.

I’m sticking my head up for a few hours to update the site while I’m in the midst of my finals. I turned in 2 of my term papers this morning and I’ve got a busy week of final exams next week followed by graduation next Friday evening. It’s a very busy time!

I’ll be updating the notebook and the site a little more often this summer, though I’ll be preparing for my ordination exams, so I might be a little more bogged down than I’d like. For now, the notebook (blog) is back online and other aspects of the website will follow.